Cascade County, Montana

2000 photographs comprising stills and 3 time-lapse sequences in 2 days.  I can’t remember when I had done so much shooting in so little time.

Throughout the entire Northwest Territories trip, I probably snapped off about 1900 photos in 10 days.  What was different about this trip?  Well, first was the fact I had literally no plans, schedule, or shot list for this trip.  I was just ready for some good exploring without any time commitments.  Antsy from having been out of the field for almost 6 weeks and eager to make a worthwhile trip somewhere, I decided that Cascade County in Montana was going to be my destination.

Situated nearly smack-dab in the middle of Montana, only a short drive from Great Falls, Cascade County consists of a variety of buttes, rolling pastures, and other farmland.  During my previous trip here, I shot a time-lapse sequence here of the total lunar eclipse that ended up being in my “Surreal Journey” HD time-lapse compilation on Vimeo.  I also took a picture of Crown Butte with the full moon just out of the frame, that I like to call, “Moonshine”.

A full moon just out of the frame casts a swath of light onto Crown Butte, Montana, near Simms. (Benjamin Chase)

On this trip, I drove down nearly every dirt road I could find, totaling nearly 900 miles in two days.  Sleep is of secondary concern to me on most of my trips and a series of 20-60 minute naps tends to keep me going.  One image that I’ve wanted to make for some time is a group of horses together under the stars.  Fortunately with modern digital sensors, this is achievable now, assuming the horses feel like cooperating and standing still!

Horses by Moonlight

I probably spent 45 minutes waiting for the horses to stand still enough, but it was definitely a memorable experience!  Our equine friends were very interested in what I was doing next to them with a camera and tripod.

Moonlit Equine Gathering

One other great find in Cascade County was an abandoned homestead, devoid of signs or a gate.  It is rare to find structures in this condition that have not been marked with graffiti, so this was a pleasant surprise indeed!  I ended up shooting a time-lapse sequence here that will likely become a part of my next video project.

Abandoned Homestead

Abandoned Montana Homesite

In short, the two days I had to photograph the area ended up being a great success, probably one of my best ever within that time frame.  If I had made definite plans for my trip that weekend, I likely would have never captured these images.  So next time you are planning to take a photography trip, ask yourself, “Do I really need to plan everything to the Nth degree?”

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