My #FollowFriday Recommendations

To my Twitter friends:

I follow a select group of very talented individuals who consistently produce and post great content related to photography.  The list below is a living one and I may add additional names in the future.  I’d highly recommend following the Twitter accounts below:

@500px – The best new photo exhibition site out there.

@RussBishopPhoto – Russ Bishop, a fantastic landscape photographer.

@bretedgephoto – Bret Edge, another fantastic landscape photographer.

@enlightphoto – Gary Crabbe, a fantastic photographer.

@alpenglowimages – Greg Russell, a California nature photographer who’s work is top-notch.

@cavaroc – Mike Cavaroc, a Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based nature photographer.

@jimgoldstein – Jim Goldstein, landscape and nature photographer.

@dreamcorepics – Tom Lowe, creator of Timescapes – is there any more that needs to be said?

@RWPhoto – Richard Wong, another great travel and landscape photographer.


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