National Bison Range

Hello again friends!

I’ve been on the road lately a lot more than I have ever been and I’m pleased to share some images from the National Bison Range near Dixon, Montana.

For those of you who haven’t been to the area, the range is definitely worth a stop.  On this latest trip, the higher elevation road was closed, but there was still plenty of driving to be had. All of the hooved animals in the area are considered captive, since the area is fenced.  That being said, they still behave like wild animals and you do not want to have an angry bison making a target out of your vehicle.  Keep your distance.

These three bison were actually waiting patiently for cars to drive past before crossing the road.  Unfortunately a vehicle parked right in their path and the driver eventually got the message when one of the bison started coming uncomfortably close to the passenger door.

The range is also home to a large number of pronghorn antelope, which seemed to keep their distance from the bison and graze independently.

I took a short timelapse sequence of the clouds and antelope to incorporate into a future production, you can see a very rough cut below.

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