Have a bias towards action…

This is going to be pretty short and sweet.

Evaluating my own style & workflow, lately I’ve been on a “rant” of sorts about making things happen, rather than sitting idly in bliss concocting elaborate plans and schemes toward things to be accomplished.

If you have an idea, concept, or dream that you want to live out, bias yourself towards doing something rather than continuing to dream endlessly.  This applies to everything in life, whether it’s creating work that others want to see and use (as in photography and the creative industry), ministry or charitable efforts (evangelism, feeding the poor/etc), or even raising your children.

Some of you have probably heard the following quotation:

There are three types of people:

  1. Those that make things happen.
  2. Those that watch things happen.
  3. Those that wonder, “What happened?”

History has shown those who have made the biggest impact have “a bias towards action”.  Have a dream, but act on it.  Be the the type that makes things happen.


See my recent work in Cascade County, Montana

Watch my time-lapse video “Surreal Journey” featured by News Corporation’s  “The Daily”


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